There were 4 Gigafinals held in the 2019 Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge: Northern, Midlands and two in South-East England. This is the next stage on from the Megafinals, held across the UK earlier this year.

It’s great to see so many Somerset junior players representing the region in the Gigafinals, too many to mention all by name, but congratulations to everyone who reached this stage of the competition.

The sections continued to be split by age and gender in the Gigafinals, with some of the older sections merged depending on the number of entries. With around 16+ sections in each of the 4 Gigafinals, there are a lot of results sheets to look through, so please do let me know if I have missed any names!

Winners of each age section (or joint-winners on points) qualified for the final stage of the competition: the Terafinal, to be held in September. Players scoring 4 or more points out of 6 (but didn’t win the section) qualified for the Challengers events. The winners of the Challengers also qualify for the Terafinal. Full rules here.

This year, 4 juniors who have recently taken part in SJC Grand Prix events finished in 1st or equal 1st place in their age section and qualified for the Terafinal:

  • Toby Kan – U14’s Boys – Northern Gigafinal
  • Matthew Timbrell – U11’s Boys – Midlands Gigafinal
  • Jack Liu – U11’s Boys – Southern Gigafinal
  • Gabriel Keech – U10’s Boys – Southern Gigafinal

Full results for all Gigafinals will be on the UK Schools Chess Challenge website.

Good Luck to all players taking part in the Challengers and in the Terafinal this year.