SJC Grand Prix

The Somerset Junior Chess (SJC) Grand Prix is a series of chess tournaments taking place during the academic year. Find out more about upcoming tournaments in our event calendar.

Junior chess tournaments are a great way for children to put into practice the knowledge they have, and whether they win, lose or draw, playing games will help children improve their chess. The SJC Grand Prix is suitable for players of all abilities, all we ask is that players are able to play 6 games of chess throughout the day. Each game of chess typically lasts no longer than 30 minutes, often much shorter. Find out more about what to expect at a junior chess tournament.

Investing in Somerset Junior Chess

  1. Firstly, we use the entrance fee to pay for the costs of hosting the tournaments. This includes prizes, venue fees and insurance.
  2. The fee also pays for the Somerset Junior Chess team’s annual membership of EPSCA. This provides Somerset with an opportunity to select players to join the county team and compete in regional and national competitions against other counties. It’s a great opportunity to play alongside some of the best young players in the country. All children entering the SJC Grand Prix have the opportunity to be selected for the Somerset Junior Chess county team. Find out more about county team selection and county tournaments.
  3. We believe it is very important to provide support to junior chess players and their parents/carers. Somerset Junior Chess now have one of the strongest group of young players there has ever been in the county. We know we have some very talented players, and want to be there to help if they would like to improve their game.
  4. Promote chess and the skills used to play chess throughout Somerset. We strongly believe the benefits of playing chess extend far beyond the ability to win more games.


The Organisers

Somerset Junior Chess is a not-for-profit organisation run by parent volunteers, to organise the Somerset Junior Chess Grand Prix events and provide a website and email newsletter for supporting information. All the profits from these events go to Somerset Junior Chess to support the improvement of the county’s junior chess players and fund the county teams. Parent volunteers also provide team managers for the Somerset Junior Chess county teams in tournaments competing against other counties. The strength in the county set up lies with the volunteers, and will continue to, and we are always looking for help at the events and during the season – please contact Wayne, Martin or Sally if you are interested in helping.

As parents of young chess players who have represented Somerset in county competitions, all of us are very proud to see our children compete in tournaments and see the enjoyment our children have when playing. Our aim is for you and your child to enjoy the experience as much as we do.

We are happy to help if you have any questions or suggestions. Either speak to us at an event or contact us.