Welcome to the Somerset Junior Chess Grand Prix 2017/18. We hope this website will provide a useful place to find out everything that is going on.

Grand Prix #6: The venue is not yet confirmed. Unfortunately, Bishops Lydeard are now unable to host a grand prix. Minimum requirements for a venue are a hall to hold 80 children playing chess and a waiting area for parents/guardians and children between games (ideally 4 classroms). If it was held at a Primary School, then there is opportunity for the PTA to raise funds by providing food and drinks.

If anyone knows a suitable venue, then please get in touch.

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Grand Prix #4 has been cancelled, and will not be rescheduled. So there will be 5 Grand Prix in this year’s calendar. The Grand Prix 2017/18 will culminate with a grand prix finals day in June 2018. Find out more.

You’ll find details of all other confirmed dates in the events calendar. We’ve also included county team dates and will add any other notable chess tournaments in here as well.



The Wyvern Chess Company Ltd is a company that has been started by Wayne and Martin, who are parent volunteers, in order to run the Somerset Junior Chess Grand prix events and allow the facility to take online payments, supported by the website for information. All the profits from these events, as per the previous set up, will go to Somerset Junior Chess to support the improvement of the county’s junior chess players and fund the county teams. All the accounts from The Wyvern Chess Company Ltd. will be totally transparent to Somerset Junior Chess. We hope this streamlining and the joined up Somerset Junior Grand Prix events will generate more funds for the county and allow it to continue to grow. The strength in the county set up lies with the volunteers, and will continue to, and we are always looking for help at the events and during the season – please contact Wayne, Martin or Chris if you are interested in helping.

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